Fulwell Golf Club shows charity begins at home

19 Jan 2017

At the start of 2016, Fulwell Golf Club selected OKMT as their ‘Charity of the Year’ and have been fundraising for us throughout the year.

We’ve just been informed by the wonderful people at Fulwell that they have managed to raise a staggering £11,000 which is simply incredible.
OKMT were chosen by Fulwell after some of their members were invited to watch our Music School students perform in the studio.

Fulwell’s Ladies Captain Sandra Shield said “We chose OKMT after witnessing for ourselves the great work that goes on at the charity and we knew that any money we could raise would make a huge difference to the lives of these children. We were blown away by the commitment and work of the therapists and staff at OKMT. The work they do at OKMT is truly inspirational!”
This phenomenal amount of money has been raised through various fundraising activities such as Charity Golf Days, Cake Sales, Raffles and 24 hour Bike Marathons.


All of us at OKMT are so grateful for every penny that Fulwell Golf Club have raised for us this year and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved.