Music Club

Children at Music Club are helped to develop communication skills by improvising with the therapist, and auditory skills by listening to different instruments. They start to learn to focus and follow instructions by following the therapist’s movements, stopping when he stops, and taking their turn with others. Many show an increase in confidence and self-esteem, starting to make eye contact and interact as they experience the joy of making music.

“L & his sister J, who has no additional needs both benefit from the sessions and they have a joint activity to share”

“My son has always loved music from an early age. He enjoys the sensory lights. J’s younger brother also attends and loves the keyboard sessions”

“Looks forward to it every week. Loves the therapist. Good concentration”

“At this stage of his development it has made him aware of having to wait his turn in a structured environment and then able to participate in the session”

“L likes coming to music club. He finds it difficult to sit down and relax and the sensory experience, lights and music is a very good time for him to stop and recharge his batteries as he is very lively. It has helped with his turn taking and confidence”

“We’ve only attended a few sessions but he loves it. I’m amazed how happily and confidently he is willing to go up to the front of the class and play on the keyboard”

“Music Club has made a massive difference. Better focus, calmer, he loves music, lights, keyboard”

“Continue Music Club — it is the highlight of our week”


Q was diagnosed with epilepsy and global development delay aged 2. He was on several anti-epileptic medicines in an attempt to control his seizures. Subsequently Q‘s development stopped, he was unable to concentrate for more than a minute and bar a few words he was non-verbal. Q started at Music Club 18 months ago and his weekly session is the highlight of his week.

Q‘s seizures have now stopped and he has now become more alert, his concentration is improving and he has now started talking, aged 5. Q developed an amazing rapport with Edison (the music therapist) and has already achieved more than we could have ever hoped. His confidence increases every week.

Edison knows how to make Q achieve, using techniques that have proven to work as he has learned to read 5 notes of music and their position on the piano and he responds to Edison’s instructions.

Q can still be reserved at school or health appointments, but with Edison his confidence explodes and he learns. This new found confidence that Edison gives him has given him increased confidence in all other areas proving immensely important to his ongoing development. Q has now been able to start at Music School.

“We cannot thank Edison and the BBC Children in Need enough for the joy it brings to Q and also us as parents, as we can see how happy he is.”