Music School

“OKMT offers a wonderful, supportive, space for my child to develop music skills. The staff are incredible, and as well as being very talented musicians are welcoming and accepting of children of all levels of ability, helping work out the best way for them to develop their music skills, voice, and even social skills encouraging them in a positive environment. My daughter gets real joy out of learning to play the piano and in developing her singing voice, which is giving her more confidence to speak in the classroom at school, helping her start to overcome her selective mutism. We feel very privileged to be a part of OKMT and grateful for the light it has brought into our lives.”


The following are comments from parents and carers. For case studies go here.

“He would struggle to cope with any mainstream activity. He can barely read words and cannot read music but he definitely has a gift – he is naturally musical and exuberant!  Music makes him very happy and he has a great ear and rhythm. He can pick up the words and tune without needing to read them.  He doesn’t feel the odd one out or different from anyone else in this choir.”

“My daughter was thrilled to have the opportunity to sing in a choir. She is now so much more confident in being herself, whilst singing and has given her so much confidence and inner resilience – I cannot thank staff enough for allowing her the opportunity to be part of something that would otherwise be impossible for us.”

“Coming to Music School has been great for M and us as a family – we know the therapists can cope with our child’s needs and engage him, which can be hard. The children are learning new skills and are given a chance to shine which is fabulous for them and their confidence, and for us as families to be proud of them.”

“A can be himself, where he doesn’t have to “fit in” to a mainstream activity. Singing has helped him gain the confidence to talk. Music School has helped his listening skills and fine motor skills.”

“Music School gives O access to music teaching unavailable elsewhere. It has given him self-esteem and an emotional and artistic outlet not found before. He already believes he is a concert pianist! OKMT has made a unique contribution to the landscape of O’s life.”

“He doesn’t ever feel he cannot do something as everything has been adapted to him. Our son loves performing at the concerts and being with his friends! The music therapists are able to help with lots of things that would be hard for our son in a conventional class.”

“We have met other parents who are in the same situation as us and understand that even a little step can be a big achievement for a child with special needs.”

“J has become a more sociable and easy to manage child, which makes our lives more enjoyable.”

“That O can have music lessons like everyone else is so beneficial for all the family – he is not so upset that he is not like the others.”

“It has been lovely to see my child grow in confidence and given the hope that she may be able to take a music exam.”

“My child can express herself through music and singing without having to use words which can be hard for her – especially dealing with her emotions.”

“She has made friends for the first time.”


  • 100% said their child’s confidence and self-esteem had increased
  • 70% said their child’s communication and language skills had improved
  • 90% said their child’s listening skills, focus and ability to follow instructions had improved
  • 60% said their motor and sensory skills and development had improved
  • 60% said their child was more at ease in social settings, and more willing to work in a team


Pupils all chose the ‘Happy’ Smiley when asked how making music makes them feel. They said coming to Music School made them feel happy, relaxed and that they had friends.

“I love to sing. For me singing is the best bit.”

“Seeing my friends and learning new music.”

“It gives me confidences and it improves my voice. I learn to speak more clearly.”

“Because music has always been part of my life and ambition.”

“Learning to accept making musical mistakes and to learn the power of music.”

“Victorious of learning music like never before.”

“It calms me down when I’m angry or sad.”

“Performing in front of others.”