OK Music Harmony

Maureen is in her late 70s with short term memory problems. She has been feeling very anxious and lonely since her husband passed away (about a year ago). She loves going to Homelink to be around others and make new friends. She enjoyed being in a smaller group for the music sessions and being able to have a chat before the group started instead of going to the large room downstairs, which she can find a bit overwhelming.

From the beginning of the sessions she rediscovered her singing voice as the therapist started by singing introductions to everyone. She soon felt relaxed and got to know the others in the group which has made coming to Homelink on other days even more enjoyable. Maureen also enjoyed playing on the drums – she felt she kept good rhythm which really surprised her. The journey that the therapist took the group on through the war, what they ate whilst on rations, where they went on holiday, pets they had, first films they saw and listening to the radio was all interspersed with music. Maureen couldn’t believe how well she could remember words, songs, bands, concert etc. She said it gave her confidence to use her brain more and think about lots of things she hadn’t thought about for a long time. She enjoyed thinking about popular music and how it helped recreate memories for her and Maureen was keen to sing a few lines of songs.

Maureen was very enthusiastic about the benefits that the sessions had brought her. Her confidence has certainly improved and she has started listening to more music herself. She thrived under the individual attention given to her by the therapist to help her rediscover all sorts of things through music.