OK Music Group

Clients have shown an increase in confidence from making music creatively in a positive environment, and report they feel less isolated. The group has given them a purpose and allowed them to begin to socialise and make friends. Some of their stress has been relieved; they felt better able to communicate and focus and felt proud of what they were achieving.

“It’s given me a purpose to get out of bed and learn to play a musical instrument”

“Music has increased my confidence and social interaction with others”

“It’s made a massive difference to my personal life in that it helps me to relax and unwind from everyday stress”

“I enjoyed and felt touched watching all the young students and children perform. Both my performances seemed to go well, and I enjoyed the experience”

“I was thrilled to perform in front of a large and diverse audience. I find it easier to practise and play in company. The work is really grounded in the community. I’m sure music therapy has some great health benefits”

“I have found the music group to be very enjoyable and a great source of stress relief. Learning to play the keyboard has been a privilege as it was something I did as a child. The tutor has been very supportive. I would definitely recommend”

J’s STORY: I have found the experience of being able to learn a music instrument to be very fun and enjoyable. I wished to learn the violin and was humbled when my teacher allowed me to use and keep one of hers. The whole notion of having music lessons seemed alien to me.

“I am someone of a normal working class family and such lessons seemed only accessible by the wealthy. To be given music lessons has made me feel special and honoured.

“Whenever I walk to my lessons I always have a spring in my step. Playing the violin has assisted my mental health by giving me a platform to express myself through music. As is well known, the violin at times expresses a sorrowful sound and by playing such melodies I feel it allows me to say: ‘it’s ok to feel sad sometimes.’ I also find that it can purge me of such gloomy emotions.

“The lessons also give me a reason to leave the house. This is handy as I often find that staying at home for long periods of time can allow negative feelings to fester. Being involved with the Trust has allowed me to meet new people from all walks of life, particularly a plucky and cute youngster who also is learning the violin. I have had the great privilege of watching her play, which only encourages and motivates me further to try and play as well as she can.

“The trust also orchestrates performances during Christmas and the summer. It has allowed me to feel a part of a wider community of people. ”