Music Club

Fun group music sessions, for children aged 4 months to 12 years, regardless of their abilities.

Music Club provides fun sessions for children with additional needs and their siblings.  Exploring sound and movement, using keyboard, African drums, bells, small percussion instruments, multi-sensory equipment, lights and silhouettes, to give the children an opportunity to experience different ways to explore their imagination and creativity.


The children listen to drums, flutes and piano and begin to improvise on percussion instruments,  keyboard, bells or shakers, learning when to start and stop, and play loudly or softly. The sessions are run by our Music Director, Edison Carolino, and take place on Tuesday afternoons at Me too & Co.

There are 2 age groups:  4 months to 6 years, and 7 to 12 years of age


  • To enjoy an activity with their siblings and families
  • To build positive relationships and start to interact
  • To develop an ability to listen
  • To improve focus
  • To gain confidence, make eye contact and vocal sounds
  • To develop communication skills

Some children smile for the first time at these sessions and some who have not spoken before, begin to speak.

Music Club is funded by BBC Children-in-Need and the children had great fun meeting Peter Andre when he visited Music Club on their behalf.

During one of the Music Club sessions I saw my 4 year old son smile for the first time”

“L likes coming to music club. It has helped with his turn taking and confidence”

“Continue Music Club — it is the highlight of our week”

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