OK Music School

final-logoRGBOK Music School provides focused teaching for children and young people aged 5-25 with additional needs, to enable them to discover their innate abilities and develop their musical talent. At weekly classes our qualified music therapists use specialised methods to enable pupils to gradually learn to play an instrument or sing, and perform in public, with some studying for music exams.

  • Preparatory Stage
    Individual or small group music therapy sessions with an OKMT Music Therapist, learning to listen, sing songs, take turns and improvise on small percussion instruments, to help develop creativity, communication skills and concentration.
  • Music School Stage 1
    Weekly individual lessons where pupils explore a variety of instruments such as percussion, keyboard, violin, flute, xylophone, guitar or voice. A picture-exchange system is used to help pupils learn the first elements of music such as dynamics, pitch, tempo, counting and finding notes on a keyboard.
  • Stage 2
    Individual or small groups lessons where pupils concentrate on their instrument of choice, learn to read musical notation, and build the confidence to perform. When ready, pupils perform at our twice annual public concerts. Around 40 pupils took part in our concerts in 2017, improvising with the therapist, performing solo or in groups, and sharing their love of music with the audience.
  • Stage 3
    Some pupils may have the capacity to take exams at The Royal School of Music and are prepared for exams in their chosen instrument and receive theory lessons. 5 pupils have passed Royal School of Music Exams and others are currently preparing for them. One pupil has passed Grade 3 Violin with merit and another Grade 7 flute with distinction.

Pupils are taught using the Improvisation Rhythm Performance (IRP) Technique, devised by our Music Director, Edison Carolino.


Our feedback shows the pupils attending Music School are being helped to:

  • Improve communication skills and make friends
  • Gain confidence and pride
  • Improve hand-eye co-ordination, concentration and focus.
  • Express themselves and feel the joy of performing with others
  • Feel part of the community
  • Fulfill their potential – some will have the possibility to have a career in music

Families are proud to see their children achieve and the community has the opportunity to see the pupils perform with skill and pride at our concerts.

If you want more information on Music School, please call 07435 062212 or email info@okmtrust.co.uk to

  • “I love music because it gives me confidence and it takes me away from the pressures of real life. I make more friends here than anywhere else.”
  • “Definite improvement in confidence, listening skills, self-esteem, a sense of pride in being able to achieve”
  • “Being part of the Christmas concert is really a very special feeling. To see what children with special needs are capable of is brilliant and should be celebrated!”

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