Music School

final-logoRGBMusic School provides focused teaching for children and young people aged 5-25 with additional needs, to enable them to discover their innate abilities and develop their musical talent by learning to sing, play instruments and performing in public, with some studying for music exams.

Children will need to have attended Music Club for several months or received 1-1 music therapy before having a full assessment to judge if they are ready to join Pre- Music School.


  1. At Pre-Music School, the pupils improvise on different instruments, develop auditory skills and learn the first elements of music such as rhythm, tempo and timbre, and to follow instructions from visual aids.
  2. Then at Music School, pupils concentrate on their instrument of choice such as percussion, keyboard, violin, flute, xylophone, recorder or voice.
  3. Specialised teaching is provided in weekly classes, led by our qualified music therapists, and accompanied by an assistant musician. Pupils are taught how to play their instrument and also theory, dynamics, pitch and to read music.
  4. When pupils are ready, they perform at our 2 annual public concerts, improvising with the therapist or performing solo or in group performances. In 2015, six pupils performed with the Richmond Philharmonic Orchestra, and some at the Hampton Court Palace Sing 500 with the English Touring Opera.
  5. Several pupils are being prepared for Associated Board of Royal School of Music Exams. In 2015 one pupil passed his Grade 5 Flute and Grade 4 Saxophone, another passed her Grade 1 piano

Pupils are taught using the Improvisation Rhythm Performance (IRP) Technique, devised by our Music Director, Edison Carolino.


Our feedback shows the pupils attending Music School are being helped to:

  • Improve communication skills and make friends
  • Gain confidence and pride
  • Improve hand-eye co-ordination, concentration and focus.
  • Express themselves and feel the joy of performing with others
  • Feel part of the community
  • Fulfill their potential – some will have the possibility to have a career in music

Families are proud to see their children achieve and the community has the opportunity to see the pupils perform with skill and pride at our concerts.

If you want more information on Music School, please call 020 8894 2007 or email

“ He can be himself, and doesn’t have to “fit in” to a mainstream activity. Singing has helped him gain the confidence to talk.”

“He has made friends for the first time”

“ O has music lessons like everyone else – he is not so upset he is not like others”

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