Improvisation Rhythm Performance

IRP-Logo.pngThe IMPROVISATION RHYTHM PERFORMANCE (IRP) technique used at Music School was developed by our Music Director, Edison Carolino, to give pupils with communication difficulties the confidence to learn to play an instrument.

  1. The pupils learn to improvise with the therapist on keyboard and percussion instruments in 30 minute sessions to develop auditory skills, gain confidence and learn instructions from visual aids or copying actions. They will learn the first elements of music such as dynamics, pitch, tempo, timbre.
  2. They learn to use different rhythms and tempos, try out different instruments and choose one to focus on such as xylophone, marimba, recorder, drums, violin, flute, keyboard or voice.
  3. Then in 45 minute 1-1 or small group sessions they focus on their instrument of choice, and are taught to read music and be prepared for our public performances. Grounding will be provided to take music exams.

Edison has started running training workshops in Stage 1 OKMT IRP technique for therapists, parents and music teachers working with children and adults with additional needs, designed to help them to teach their pupils to learn how to play musical instruments. He has also produced the IRP Stage 1 booklet, which provides the teaching materials demonstrated during the training.