OK Music Harmony

OK Music Harmony is group music therapy sessions for elderly people with diagnosed memory problems and other conditions at Homelink Respite Care Centre in Whitton. (www.homelinkdaycare.co.uk)


  • Singing familiar songs and talking about them
  • Playing percussion or other instruments, copying rhythm
  • Choosing a theme each week with pictures and songs to evoke memories and prompt discussion
  • Listening to music to enjoy
  • Movement to the music (soft movements)

Music is especially beneficial for elderly people with memory problems as memory of music often remains even at late stages, and people can still sing, appreciate and respond to music, which can help them access memories of long ago. Music therapy and singing engage the healthy parts of the brain and can help to restore confidence and reduce anxiety.


  • The clients engage in a joint activity, giving a positive social experience
  • Listening to familiar songs evokes memories and helps them to communicate, express themselves and make friends
  • Singing and sharing of memories helps to relax them and make them feel happier.
  • Their confidence and sense of worth increases as they sing and play a percussion instrument together in the group

We are very grateful to Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity who funded the pilot project and have agreed funding for these sessions to continue.


‘Does it have to end? I want to stay up here, it’s very enjoyable.’

‘I enjoy it, it made a change. ‘It goes so quick’

‘The sessions lift their mood and bring a sense of companionship and the feeling of belonging’

‘Everyone seemed very relaxed and said how much they enjoyed it.’

‘It was good to see increased confidence in clients’ week on week’